D & J International, Inc

About Us

D & J International, Inc. has long been recognized in High and Low Density quality technology field. The polyethylene finished product is an excellent high clarity, high quality for all purpose users. Pioneering the way many in the Plastic industry a decade ago, and we remain at the cutting edge of today’s leading quality technology offering the most advanced portfolio of products and services on the market to help your business.

We are a leading manufacturer of polyethylene film products, and prides itself on it’s custom manufacturing expertise and can always develop a plastic bag or plastic film product to meet your company’s specific packaging requirements. No matter what, D & J International can customize any of its poly products to your exact specifications.

• Produce the highest quality Poly film products available in a competitive marketplace
• Offer a variety of sizes and colors of Poly film plastic products
• Provide fast delivery and friendly service to all of our customers


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